It's About You More Than It's About Us.

In 1952, Randall Phillips Sr. started a locally owned, homegrown business that would later grow to be the largest homebuilder in Tennessee. Today, his grandsons help carry on the legacy. Starting as laborers, framers, estimators, and superintendents, each has grown up in the family business learning the traditions and values set by their grandfather. Those same family values of building quality homes at affordable prices and treating every customer with respect, still hold true today and allow Phillips Builders to continue building incredibly beautiful homes for families throughout Tennessee.

As the parent company of Phillips Builders, Meritage Homes has been focused on building the best homes for families across the country since 1985. Along with these superb homes, Meritage builds some of the most well-designed communities in the country and prides itself on building one of the most important things a family can ask for, a beautiful place to call home.